The British Academy of Rolfing® Structural Integration

Student Feedback

I really enjoyed the orientation day, thanks so much. I think doing the course would be a very rich experience for me. Lovely venue, ideal for our purpose - quiet, intimate, contained.  The day had a lovely pace, nothing felt rushed, lots of space for open discussion. The practical touch elements of the day I found the most useful, for feeling into an understanding of Rolfing and its application. The orientation day really helped me get the sense of how the training might feel, the discussions and practical work felt like a taster of the actual course, and sharing the space with other like-minded folk was great. -AT

Before the orientation day I was pretty sure I wanted to be a Rolfer, although slightly uncertain how to meet the demands of the course whilst carrying on with my current life. Because of this I was considering postponing the start of the course until a more "convenient" time. However, the orientation day presented the course in such an appealing fashion that I decided to enrol as a matter of priority and resolved to organise all my other commitments around that fact.  -LG

The room we had was light and airy (very good high ceilings) and it was great that we had the private entrance. It was straightforward to get to, being close to a tube station. Furthermore there was the possibility of parking on weekend days for free I noticed around that area. I really enjoyed the structure of the day and the fact that there were decent breaks organised in it. I appreciate a lunch break where one can eat and digest calmly, thanks for that! Also with such intense work I think the proper length tea breaks were essential too. Often on courses one can feel quite rushed headlong and this would not seem to fit with Rolfing and it was nice that the pace was measured and reasonable for human health! -PH

I found the day to be a truly inspiring one! I thought the content and structure of the day were very well thought through and it didn't feel either rushed or overfilled, which might have been overwhelming. The most useful aspects of the day for me were getting an opportunity to experience what the Rolfing touch feels like from the point of view of the giver. It was great to meet Andrea and Giovanni and I felt immediately comfortable in their company, while my questions (and those of others) were answered both thoughtfully and more than adequately. My response to the experience of searching for the fascia moved me in a way I was not expecting. -BC

I did like the centre, plenty of room and fairly peaceful also. The most useful aspects of the day were being able to question some Rolfers.   I have read so much about about Rolfing, without ever experiencing it, that I found I had a lot to ask about. My questions were always welcomed and well answered. -JM

I have found the Kailash Centre a very warm and positive place to be - it was a pleasure to spend the day in that interior which seems to be perfect for a Rolfing course. Rolfing seems to me another kind of art - the art of opening the body by use of touch in relation to gravity... It would be fantastic to train in this art of touch to extend and gain new insight into body work in general and the ability to pass on the experience of soft and fluid body to another person in this fantastic way. -WK