tree roots


Sit down. Sit still with your back aligned and comfortable. Feet, knees and sitbones making roots into the ground. Your eyes gently shut or slightly opened, as you prefer, and your head orienting up and out of the back and shoulders as if you were surrounded by a vast and safe horizon. You may want to sit crosslegged on a cushion on the floor, or kneeling on an appropriate stool to support your legs, or, you may want to sit in a chair. Once comfortable, stable and still begin to pay attention. Here begins the work of meditation.

Bring your attention to the gentle repetition of a mantra or prayer word. Say your mantra from the beginning to the end of your medition time. You may want to take a word from your own culture and religious roots: 'Maranatha' for a Christian, 'Omm' for a Hindu or Buddhist and so on. Usually, you are given a mantra by a teacher and then you stay with this word sounding it in mind and heart for the entire time of the meditation.

When you become distracted return to the repetition of your mantra. Meditate for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning before the day gets going and in the evening before you are too tired.

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