London Yoga Saturdays 2014

with Giovanni, at Rainbow Nursery, Lupton St, Tufnell Park

( directions to venue at bottom of page )

1:00pm - 6:00pm

  • JAN 18
  • FEB 15
  • MAR 22
  • APR 26
  • MAY 31
  • Theme to be announced...

    Pricing: £40.00 each day

    CPD: valid for 5 hours for British Wheel of Yoga continuing education requirements.

    We will continue to explore the following embodied events and principles:

    The key Dynamic Embodied Events wehave been exploring are:

  • exploring my sense of weight, volume and containment
  • finding the ground and finding the sky
  • finding front to back balance
  • giving birth to head and tail
  • giving birth to palpatory hands and feet
  • exploring the relationships of my axis, girdles and limbs
  • finding the front of the back or the back of the front
  • exploring our inner spaces, pipes and bridges
  • exploring our liquid body, the bony body, the tensegrity body
  • exploring our river of curves
  • working with our beautiful spiral dynamics
  • discovering the secret garden
  • The key DynamicEmbodied Principles we have been exploring are:

  • touching and being touched
  • when something stays something goes
  • a joint is a space
  • all the senses work together
  • I move and or the world/other moves me
  • I need to be resourced
  • encourage local movement to spread globally
  • welcome accidents of perception
  • "We work with observation. That is the beginning of change. If the exploration is supplied with meaning, imagination, breath, and attention to sensation, we will have accidents of perception that allow the body to do something new." - Kevin Frank & Karyn McHose, 'How Life Moves'

    LOCATION - for YOGA classes only :

    Rainbow Nursery

    St. Benet's Church Hall

    Lupton Street

    Tufnell Park / Kentish Town

    London, NW5 2HY

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