About Giovanni

Giovanni Felicioni is a certified Advanced Rolfer, a Rolf Movement practitioner and a Yoga Teacher. He has been practising as a bodyworker in London and abroad for over 20 years.

He teaches regularly for the International Rolfing® Faculty. Giovanni also teaches Yoga and Anatomy for the London based Yoga Teacher Training Course, accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, and based on the pioneering work of Mary Stewart and Vanda Scaravelli.

Giovanni runs a Rolfing®/Yoga practice in London and leads workshops and retreats world-wide. He has recently been very active in setting up the British Academy of Rolfing® (BARSI) as one of its Directors. In 2010 he taught for Trinity Laban in Association with Independent Dance on their MA course and participated in a government funded Pal Lab on the theme of 'Movement and Meaning'.

Professional Interest

I'm interested in investigating what happens when we explore the relationship between human verticality and the context it is in.

This has something to do with how embodiment (verticality) and embeddedness-in-the-world (context) are part of a dynamic flowing loop, or circularity, which we sometimes call well-being or integration or 'my life'.

The exploration and study of this 'loop' has been the daily work and play of bodyworkers, movement practitioners, dance artists and performers as well as meditators, cognitive scientists, gardeners, potters, people who love to go for walks, contemplative carrot choppers, hermits and bathers.